Friday, February 5, 2010


It's the weekend again! It sure comes and goes fast these days! Last weekend I worked on Sunday, and Saturday I had to decide whether to take down my living room Christmas tree or go to the Fuller Craft Museum to see the Nancy Crow Quilt Exhibit. Needless to say, my tree is still up. There's a possibility of it coming down on Sunday this weekend. We'll see!

Meanwhile, here's Ariel Sampou showing off her first ever bed quilt that she made! I love it! It is going to look great on her bed, in her room that is painted the pretty blue color to match. Isn't her hat the best? I need to get a pig hat.
Wednesday afternoon Carey was busy working on something colorful in the classroom.
So was Lynn. I'm sure I'll get pictures of the completed quilts soon.
Nicole was busy cutting the borders for her bug quilt. That's almost done too.


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