Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Ideas

The Scrappy Tuesday class met today. There seemed to be good ideas all over the classroom! For example, this item. Peg had made this folding sandboard and mat combo that had plywood in it to keep it really stiff.
Here it is folded up.
Carol, who teaches the class, had these milk crates and shoeboxes to keep her strips organized. The class makes quilts based on 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 strips and she has them separated according to color.
Here's a look at her pink box. I love how the shoe boxes seem to be a perfect fit in the crates.
Nancy has this thread keeper next to her machine. It looks kind of like a flat basket shape. You know how you snip threads off as you sew? I usually pile them up somewhere next to the machine and they get bumped off onto the floor or wind up sticking to a piece of fabric or something. Little threads seem to like to stay on this thing. I need to make one. It looks crocheted.
Ursula brings a woven placemat for under her machine to keep it from sliding, but first puts a quilted fabric placemat on top of the woven one. It's really convenient to stick her pins into the quilted placemat that shows in front of her machine instead of making a pile like I do that gets knocked all over the place.
What fun!

The hydrangea fabric is from Lakehouse. Isn't it beautiful? The gnomes are from Michael Miller.


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