Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute?

Here are the owls that Keara and Mallory made. This picture was supposed to be further down but got out of order. They're cute, aren't they? They are made using a styrofoam ball.

Is everyone working like an elf to finish things? I started this quilt for me niece for her dorm room bed back in September. You know, make it really quick for her to have right away. That didn't happen. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving day while I was preparing it for me to machine quilt.
It's finally finished for Christmas! I finished sewing the binding and it's done.
Yesterday my nieces decided to make something for my daughter for Christmas. She likes owls this year so Keara found one she wanted to make online here. I don't think they ever used a glue gun before but they did great! This is Mallory making her owl.
Here is Keara with her's.
These are cupcakes that Mallory made yesterday and frosted with her new pastry pump out the frosting thing. They were carrot cake cupcakes from scratch and were really good!


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