Saturday, December 17, 2011

Obsessive Tendencies?

This time of year for some reason I tend to get sidetracked by projects for no other reason than to keep me from doing a lot of the things I really should be doing. Not on purpose, of course, it just happens! These crocheted ornaments were made a year ago after I saw them on the Attic24 blog. I made them after Christmas and got as far as just needing to put beads and balls on them before I lost interest. They'll be done some year soon!
This is the current crop of owls so far this year. I don't need owls, I'm not making them to give away, I just feel like making them. For no reason. Here is Jessica's blog where I got the owl pattern.
These are some of last year's owls. There were more that left at various times of the year. My daughter likes owls and took most of these owls for her owl theme Christmas tree this year. There are some on my Christmas trees, too.
I had started to make different felt ornaments, but the owls were the ones that caught on. I made one cat head, one house, one tree, and I liked them and enjoyed making them. I probably made a dozen birds, but that was not even close to the number of owls.

I felt the need to make these birds one winter when we had the bird making event at the store.
Years ago I felt the need to make snowmen. Lots of snowmen! I think everyone I know has snowmen from that year.
I have about 20 left for my trees.

I also made bigger snowmen that year. I donated a bunch with ice skates to the craft table at the Skate Club Christmas Show. I made a lot of ice skates without snowmen to sell then, too.

I don't know what I was doing when I left the glue in this condition to dry like this.


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