Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Blues

Barbara Longo is on the Cape for a weekend at the Cape Point Hotel with the Ellington Quilters. They come every year and this is a gorgeous weekend for it this year! Look at this quilt top she is hoping to back this weekend! That's a lot of tiny triangles! They are no bigger than an inch and a half.
Here's a closer look, they're very soothing beachy blues.
Pauline M. Kim is working on a blue butterfly quilt!
Click for a better look! Both outer borders have butterflies.
Julie Palmier made this blue top! More soothing blues!
The By the Sea Fabric from Marcus has arrived!
This time Helen has added a black color grouping which is really nice!
In other news, the ospreys that had a nest on 6A three poles before the railroad tracks, coming west (left) from Tumbleweed are back and rebuilding! That must be the perfect spot for an osprey nest, they seem to like it there. I don't know much about ospreys but I can't help but wonder if that's the male on the pole in the back sitting and watching the female do all the work. I like to see them on my way to and from work.


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