Monday, April 9, 2012


I hope everyone had a nice Easter! It's time to take down the decorations! Actually I just have to put away the eggs. The birds can stay on the tree. They're great! They fit in with Christmas decorations, Easter, Spring, Summer, pretty much all the time.
I've had this pearl and rhinestone decoration for quite awhile. I always meant to hang it up and finally got around to doing it over the weekend. It's hanging in my bedroom now.
Not quilt related, but awesome fabric is used. My son, Joel and his wife, Rosalind, got married here a while back and last week went back to Taiwan so Rosalind could have a traditional wedding ceremony with her family and friends at home. They dressed up in traditional wedding clothing for a photo. I love it! Rosalind also wore two dresses for the ceremony and dinner, a "American" white gown and a modern red Taiwanese dress. The head gear is great, isn't it?


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