Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pat Pauley

I took a ride to Falmouth today to go to Highfield Hall to see the "Pat Pauley: Contemporary Art Quilts" exhibit they currently have on display. It didn't disappoint! Definitely go and see them if you get the chance!
Pat uses a lot of different techniques, including dying, stamping, screen printing, hand appliqué, machine quilting, hand stitching, etc., a lot of different techniques in each quilt!
These are just a few of the art quilts on display, there are a lot more.
You can go to Pat Pauley's website here to find out more about her.
Check it out!
The quilts are beautifully displayed throughout Highfield Hall, which is an added bonus since just the house itself is enjoyable to go through! This is the giant mirror on the landing between the first and second floors. You can just picture a girl coming down the stairs in her prom or wedding dress!
The house has a lot of nice details, like this small stained glass window that I thought looked great with Pat's quilts nearby! You can find out more about Highfield Hall here.
Highfield Hall is leaning towards trying to have quilt or fiber types of exhibits every April. I hope everyone who can go see this exhibit does go to support their efforts in this regard.


Anonymous said...

How wonderfully inspirational. Pat's quilts show a fascinating play of colour and texture.

jcskudder said...

Mary, thank you for bringing this inspirational exhibit and Highfield Hall to the attention of your followers.
I am the person who brought in Pat's postcards for this exhibit.
My daughter did have wedding pictures taken on that very landing
last summer.

Pat Pauly said...

Well, I am delighted that you like the work. I will be back this coming weekend on April 28 for a workshop at Hifghfield and then April 29, that Sunday, for a gallery talk at 11:30-12:30. Love to have you join me for either. And thank for the great review.
Pat Pauly (no "e")

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