Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jo Morton Club Quilts

Today I'm catching up on the Jo Morton Club quilt pictures.  Debbie Zeida made this first one.
 Next beings to Maryanne Boberg.
 Half square triangles done by Susan Looney.
 Nancy Pollard made her's with some appliqué.
Nancy Pollard made this one.
 Jeannine Wolfe made this courthouse steps.
 Barbara Walsh used patriotic colors for her wallhanging.
 Debbie is working on this top for the start of the new Jo Morton Club.
 I think this was Debbie's last wallhanging for the last Jo's Club.
 Lots of little triangles put together by Susan Looney.
 Jeannine Wolfe used a different color palette for her's.
 She made this triangle wallhanging, too.
Nancy Pollard made this red and blue wallhanging.


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