Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Couch Quilt!

Last weekend I cleared out my closet a little bit.  It doesn't happen often.  Really!  

I found a lot of tee shirts that I needed to get rid of.  After awhile I realized I was sorting them into color piles as I went through them.  Not the ones I was keeping, that would make sense, I was sorting them before I put them into the give away bag.  I realized that the pile pictured above would look great in my sewing room, so I decided to make a throw for my couch.
 I kept a brown and turquoise pile, too.  My niece and daughter like these colors and might need a throw for their couches at some point.
 I kept it simple, just big squares of fabulous color.  They're very soft!  It's going to look great on my couch.  Take a look here  to see my couch in my sewing room.
I think I'm going to put minkee on the back to make it super cozy!


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