Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May Display

The quilts on display this month at Tumbleweed are all done by various ladies that have attended the Friday Open Sew with Willie.  Besides having great parties, they also get a lot of quilts made!

This red,white, and black quilt was made by Marilyn Holle.

Mary Collari made this Ghastlie quilt.
 Shari Sears made the matching quilt and pillows.
The little red heart wallhanging was done by Marilyn.
Dot Hannon made the pillowcases.  Jeanne Carey made the X quilt.
Eva Needs embroidered and made this seashell wallhanging.
 The wreath was made by Marilyn.  The rooster tablerunner is Jeanne's.
 The blue woven tablerunner was made by Dottie Long.  The red and green woven tablerunners, one up above, the other below, were made by Dot Hannon and Shari.
 Shari made the Birdie Sling Bag in this picture.
 The pink and green tablerunner was made by Dottie Long.  The pink, black, and green quilt was made by Jeanne.
 The Christmas tablerunner was made by Shari.
Here's Jeanne's quilt again!  
 The purple tablerunner is Dottie Long's.  The newsprint fabric bag was made by Shari.
Did I get everything?  There's a lot on display this month!


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