Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baby Quilt

My daughter wanted me to make a baby quilt for another of her friends expecting a baby girl!  She requested pink and gray with animals but keep it simple, just squares.  So, this is it!

She also requested minkee on the back!  Actually she requests that for just about all the quilts for her or her friends!  It's so cozy and soft!! She was very happy with the pink and white print minkee!  

We do have the fabric at the shop!  It is part of the Zoology line from Michael Miller.

We also recently received these Michael Miller fabrics! 


Anonymous said...

wanted to use minkee on the back of a baby quilt and everyone told me not to because it sheds so much. not good for a baby. help?

Mary said...

Minkee and minkee-like fabrics do shed on the cut edges so once it's sewn and your quilt is complete you don't have to worry about a fuzzy baby. I recommend a wider seam allowance - 1/2 or 5/8. I have used minkee since it first came out years ago and have had no problems and the baby quilts lasted.

Anonymous said...

Thank You.
Going to start one soon.
Thanks, again

Sandra said...

the children may sleep so well with these. I also like the quilt. so comfortable :3 !!

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