Saturday, March 1, 2014

Memory Quilts!

Rhiannon made this memory quilt for a friend of the parents!

Carol Antis made these tribute quilt in honor of her nephew.  

She made them for her nephew's wife and children.

Not a quilt, but made with t-shirts that contain memories!  Jessica Woods Robinson made this very cool top for her granddaughter, Tessa to wear!

Here's the back!  It would would look great with leggings!  

Beverly Szen and Donna Mellor made this t-shirt memory quilt for Donna's son!

Ann McKinney made this signature quilt with William Morris Fabrics!

The Studio Club ladies made this quilt for Sue Campbell in appreciation for all the years she has taught and continues to teach them!

Kathryn Butterworth made this cracker box quilt not as a memory quilt but it could be!  This is one of my favorites to use for writing signatures on for an event or occasion memory quilt. 


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