Tuesday, May 5, 2009


See where that kitty is on the couch?  That's where I've been since last Thursday.  Except for
going to the doctor today.  I have bronchitis.  At least now I have medicine.  
It's torture to be spending time in my sewing room when I can't do anything.  
At least I have pretty things to look at while I lay on the couch making plans.


Merrim said...

I am sorry to hear that Mary! I had bronquitis a many times and i know it´s awfull!! I have read many things on that subject because a have cronical bronquitis ( i´m not sure that´s the correct way to express it!) and several mention that one of the emotional reasons for bronquitis it´s "The things you didn´t say , things you wanted to shout but you supressed them".... and also a cold weather, of course!! jajaja ...Get well soon!! and by the way ... great work!!

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