Friday, May 8, 2009

My Ugly Box-transformed

Have you been to the shop and voted on your favorite box yet?  A lot of people have.  So I'm told, I haven't left the house since last Friday.  I'm better now.  Still coughing, my ribs hurt, but
today for the first time I had the the energy to do something!  First on my list was to finish my
box that was supposed to be done by April 30. 
All it needed was a couple pieces of trim glued on.  
I had already made the roof and done the embroidery around the bottom. 
Luckily, my box is not eligible for voting and those of you who missed it are seeing it now and
can come back to see it again after Monday.  
Notice the pins sticking out of the sides of the roof?  It functions as a pincushion.  I'm trying to
be practical these days.
That was it for today, finished the house and then back to the couch!  


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