Thursday, May 14, 2009


The wisteria is blooming! 
 Tuesday there was a BUNNY in the store!! 

I wasn't there, but I received a phone call about it and from the description I was given, I think
the BUNNY looked like this:

Apparently it was very frightening  and very fast!  BUNNY barriers were built, plans were made,and finally BUNNY was cornered in one of the batting cubbies.

At that point it was decided to call in trained professionals.  Animal Control came and escorted 
the BUNNY from the store, at which time BUNNY ran around the back of the store to the door
to see if he could reenter!  Thankfully, the door was shut and Tumbleweed is again a BUNNY FREE ZONE!!
Doesn't the wisteria look nice?


willie said...

I LOVE IT!!!! A RABID RABBIT. And the barricade is definitely effectiver!

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