Sunday, September 15, 2013

Baby Quilts

Lately I've found myself making baby quilts lately!  It seems to happen in cycles, no babies for long periods of time and then a lot of babies!  Here's some of the latest that I've made.
Here's a gender neutral beach fabric quilt!

This one is for a baby girl that is going to have an Alice in Wonderland theme room!

I could only find enough Alice print in my stash for a border and a 1/2 yard of Alice word fabric for pinwheels!

The color is bad on this photo.  The fabric is gray and cream.  It does look better in person!

My niece made the elephant button picture!

A tuffet (Amy Butler's Gumdrop Pattern) is always good for a baby's room!

Another gray and yellow quilt with a bit of turquoise thrown in!

And the babies keep coming!!


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