Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Rhiannon Reynolds is pictured here with her latest quilt - a tee shirt quilt she made for a friend's parents!

 Mary Ann Karpinsky is ready to layer her latest applique quilt!  Click it for more detail!

Ellie Johansen brought in her pieced quilt for the fall to show us!

Everyone's been busy making quilts!  Do you have a lot of quilt tops laying around waiting to be finished?  There is still room in the Machine Quilting Class on Saturday, September 28th!  This Saturday from 10-4.  I took this class from Betty and highly recommend it!  Especially if you are a last minute kind of girl like I am!  Like Oh no the baby shower is this weekend and I have to finish this quilt!  Of course you can't beat sending it out if it is a large quilt, but you'd be surprised at what you can  
do with your own regular machine! It's actually relaxing.


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