Sunday, September 8, 2013


Speaking of fashion, Jessica and her daughter Jessica came in to show us the vest daughter Jessica made for fly fishing!  Those lucky fish are in for a fashion show!  
Here's the back!  

Ruth's Granddaughter, Mikayla (on the right) and her friend Emily spent a few days at her house and made lots of things!  Here they are modeling tops they made!  
Ann Lovendale helped her Granddaughter make this quilt while she was visiting!  Can you tell what colors they both like from this picture?

Shari Sears made these baby quilts using skull fabric for Jeanne Carey's new Grand Twins!  Click to see the fabrics better!

Willie made this baby quilt to save for when she needs a scientist themed baby quilt!  

Kathleen Bacchiochi made this baby quilt for her son's and his wife's first baby!


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