Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blast From The Past

I was up in Boston on Friday helping my niece move into her dorm and was able to stop in to the Museum of Fine Arts nearby.  They were having a special exhibit of fashion from the "Hippie" time period!
Complete with juke box with late sixties, early seventies, music!

Look at these two dresses!

Click this one for a closer look, the dress is appliquéd and quilted!  

This one was pieced crazy quilt style and also had some appliqué with hand and machine embroidery!  What fun!!

Here's what was said about this crazy quilt dress:

I don't remember anyone wearing anything like this Little House On The Prairie outfit,

but the shape does look like an exaggerated version of my bridesmaid gown for my Uncle's wedding!

I swear I remember having shirts made with this print!  

I had a similar style gown for another wedding I attended.  Remember how popular plaid couches were back then?  Rich's jacket kindof blends in!

Here's a better look at the gown!  It laced up and tied in the front.

Here's my sister Kathy with her similar style gown for her prom!  


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