Monday, November 2, 2009

Catch up

This quilt belongs to Kaitlin. Her Mother, Joan, collected, edited, and placed the pictures for Mary Gould to sew into this wonderful quilt for her high school graduation.
Here's a closer look. Click for it to get bigger. What a treasure this is! So many memories!
Here is another treasure! This is the Harwich United Methodist Church. Terry Curry was asked by them to make a quilt and this is the result. It's in a frame with glass and I didn't get a picture without some light reflection, unfortunately. Click it to see more detail.
It's really wonderful!!


Jean Mello said...

Hi Mary... Terry sure did an excellent job... I love the detailes she did on the picture... It is trully WONDERFUL... :)

Anonymous said...

I am a member of a family quilt group. We plan to make a quilt for each of our kids and then one for each of us. We hand quilt on a large frame which is now 15 yrs old and has given it's all. We were never really happy with the frame we had; it was wobbly and difficult to tighten. I have looked online and have not seen too many options. The people I talked to at the websites were less than helpful. Anyone have any experience with group friendly frames?

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