Monday, November 30, 2009

Favorite Store

One of my favorite stores to visit is Anthropologie. They only seem to be in cities, so whenever I get to Boston, Philly, New York, etc., I always make a point to stop there. It's especially fun around Christmas. They seem to have really cool stuff.
I'd never seen this before-felted soap. What a great idea! You felt all around the bar of soap and use it in the shower or bath. The felt part functions as a washcloth and shrinks as the soap shrinks. It would be a great stocking stuffer or gift for someone. They had nice felted bags that would be good to put the soap or anything in.
A nice wide knitted headband with a big flower on it is quick and easy to make.
There was a lot of knitted and crocheted hats with flowers to keep someone warm and cozy.
I loved these bird ornaments with the year on their tails. My favorite was the felted ball ornament, though. We have the felted balls in the shop so I put it on my list to make.
There was a lot of pieced placemats and tablerunners. The tablerunner shown in this picture is actually folded in half. It was quite long. There was felted balls on the ends. That's another good idea, instead of pom pom ball fringe use felted balls.
The hand embroidered owl towels were great!
The displays are always imaginative and awesome! Look at this ostrich! Click it to see it bigger. It's made out of rolled magazine pages. I loved it.
Here's another ostrich looking under a table. Check out the snow patch he's standing on.
Everywhere you look it's fun! Hanging from the ceiling were these ropes and tassels hanging for no good reason. Just FUN!
Check it out if you get the opportunity!


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