Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hex Quilt

Take a look at this!!
This was purchased at a thrift store in Chatham in September by one of our customers, Pam Hedlund.
There's never anything like this when I go into a thrift store. Or a yard sale. None of my relatives have anything amazing like this in their attics waiting to be discovered either. Pam is a lucky girl!
The original quilt maker had boxes and boxes of basted hexagons sorted and grouped by design.
You can see the the dates on some of the papers used for the hexagons.
After a three year break from quilting, Pam has been drawn back into putting this Grandmother's Flower Garden together.
This is truly a labor of love on both the part of Pam and the original quilt maker!!
I can't wait to show you a picture of the finished quilt one of these days!


barefootgirl27 said...

WOW! what a find!!!!!

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