Monday, November 9, 2009

Flat Stanley

Flat Stanley paid a visit to Tumbleweed today! Flat Stanley is so cool!! Chloe Brin from West Newbury, Ma. had sent Flat Stanley to visit her grandmother, Nancy Beirne.
So Nancy and Stanley were at the store today for awhile so Stanley could look around. He loved the felted cat that Valerie was making. He said it was very comfortable.
He thought this Amy Butler Bag was very cozy and practical.
He absolutely loved the new Westminster Fabric that arrived while he was here today. Flat Stanley does have very good taste.
He is real observant, too. He insisted (politely of course) on checking out the nice view from the window.
We were sorry to see him leave! He's great company. He's off on more adventures with Nancy before he returns to Chloe. Thanks for coming!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving Stanley a special spot in your blog. He had a wonderful time at Tumbleweeds and wants to come back for a class.


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