Friday, November 13, 2009


I'm swimming in notes! I take pictures, write down the info on cryptic notes, and put them in my pocket. So I wind up with all these random little papers. Depending on what's going on, the notes might hang around for a "few" days. Like if I decide to blog all Halloween things for a week, all those little notes representing pictures have to wait. Then I have to decipher them and find the picture it goes with. It's a process.
So, back to business. This is Nancy Dorgan behind a fall tablerunner she made while at the Cape Point Hotel for a Weekend getaway.She also made this quilt. This was the result of a strip swap with the Brown Baggers of Norwood.
This is Marie Menfi with her FIRST QUILT EVER!! She had made tablerunners and bags, but no quilts. This quilt is for her daughter's Audrey Hepburn room. That sounds cool!
Now this is interesting!! Linda Keough made this bag. She makes a lot of bags and goes by the label "The Old Bag". This one is for her RE-TIRED GEAR BAGS. She has two sons who are professional bike riders and goes to a lot of races. They go through a lot of tires, and Linda saw that they could be used in her bags as handles. The gears were a great idea for embellishments!
If you are interested in finding out more, you can email her at: .
Sharon Barrows came in with this Tumbling Blocks quilt she's making for her son.
Reinette Graves made this baby quilt to give to her granddaughter at her upcoming baby shower.
This will be her 5th great-grandchild.
That's it for now. I was able to discard 3 pieces of paper. I'm catching up!


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