Thursday, March 31, 2011

Circle of Friends Quilt Show

The Circle of Friends Quilt Show this month at Highfield Hall in Falmouth is not to be missed! The quilters represented do exquisite work and make awe-inspiring quilts.

Click on the info below to view it larger to read better.

If you click on the right side of the screen where it says Circle of Friends Quilt Show it will bring you to the Highfield Hall website for more information and directions.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Circle of Friends Quilt Show


Jean Trombley was 95 when she pieced this quilt top! Her daughter (pictured) had it quilted by Laurie LaConte.
Joan Jennings has this doll clothes quilt all done! Soon it will be on it's way to a lucky little girl.
Carol Ayotte showed us this quilt that she has finished. I love the colors in it! Tricia Wolski quilted it for her.
This is another one of Carol's latest. It's more vibrant in real life. It has beautiful Asian fabrics.
Lisa Lyons made this quilt for her daughter, Colleen, in Adele's "Traditional Quilt, Modern Methods" class. I love the way she personalized it for Colleen!
Adele is teaching this pillow in a class on April 13. Or you can work on any project you want to. While making this pillow, you will learn machine applique, two color prairie points, and an easy zipper. Adele will also be at the shop on April 29th for an Open Sew.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Nancy Harmon made this quilt using fabric from "Piece o' Cake". I love it! What a fun design and what fun fabric!!
Three more bolts of Halloween fabric came in.
Terry Curry had this quilt to show us last week. It's the raffle quilt for the Crazy Quilters Guild in Falmouth. Terry had put it together after collecting the blocks from members.
She was auditioning borders for it. It has such simple blocks that when put together with the diagonal rows of little white blocks becomes more complicated and contemporary looking somehow. Very cool!

Red and White Quilts in N.Y.

Click here to see a whole lot of pictures of the Red and White Quilts currently on display in the Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

Click here and it brings you to a news story about Joanna S. Rose, who was kind enough to display her quilts for all to see! And more pictures.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More From Dianne

Dianne made this quilt after a block swap with Ruth a number of years ago.
Click to see her machine quilting in the fan blades. I like it!
Here's her version of a log cabin she made for her niece, Jess, for Christmas.
This won hangs in her house.
A closer look.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dianne's Quilts

Dianne sent me more pictures of the quilts she is working on lately.
She is making quilts for all of her sisters and nieces.
And she has a lot of them!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Scrappy Tuesday

Carol Jones made this quilt and showed it to her Scrappy Tuesday class.
Nancy Ellis made this one. Just adding the blue to the background makes it look so different than an all white background!
Here Carol is helping Nancy Ellis audition fabric for the corners.
This is another of Carol's quilts.
Loretta Nunheimer designed this quilt in Scrappy II class.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Dianne says "Hello from Florida!" She is expecting her first Granddaughter any time now and has this quilt and valence ready for her.
She has another quilt ready for her, too, and she'll send a picture of that one soon. Also some other quilts she has started or finished!
Carol Ayotte brought in this quilt to show us. It was quilted by Tricia Wolski. It's a great design to use batiks with.
Dottie Long made this quilt for a new grand nephew who is due is April!
Guess what! Yesterday there were trucks and whatever you call these things behind the store fixing the parking lot!
Look how nice it looks! Level and no potholes and covered with new stones!

Monday, March 21, 2011


The Pembroke Tumbleweed is still in the process of closing. Everything in the store is now 30% off. There's some really good deals there!

Laurie LaConte will be at Tumbleweed (W. Barnstable) on Thursday, March 24, from 1-2:30 to pick up, drop off, and answer any long arm quilting questions you may have.

Adele has a "Traditional Style, Modern Methods" class scheduled for Wednesday, March 24 and 30 from 10-4. You can also come either day and work on any project you may be doing. Please let us know tomorrow if you will be coming.

Debbie Zeida has been busy with her Jo Morton Club quilts. This patriotic one is called "Liz's Little Quilt" and is the first pattern for Club #10, starting in May.
This applique one is also a sample of one of the Club 10 quilts.
This embroidered one is called "The Sisters" and is the last pattern from Club 9.
Carol Ayotte made this black and white bag. It has the snap open and closed feature.
Betty Crowell stopped in and showed us her latest work-in-progress, this beautiful blue bargello quilt. She said it's about a third done. It's going to be huge!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quilts by Diane H. McGuire

Diane McGuire made quilts to celebrate the Read Across America Week in Raynham. She made one for the children's room at the Raynham Public Library and one for Kathleen Roberts who started the Read Across America program in Raynham fourteen years ago.
Kathleen is a 96 year old retired elementary school principal and former Massachusetts Teachers' Association President who still dresses up as The Cat IN The Hat every year!
Pictured left to right: Eden Ferguson, Library Director, Karen Brothers, Children's Librarian, Diane H. McGuire (quiltmaker), and Kathleen Roberts AKA The Cat In The Hat.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Fabric!

We received some new Kaffe Fassett fabric today!
Brand new colors for a lot of the most loved patterns!
I love them all!
Come in and see for yourself!!

We also received Songbirds from Quilting Treasures with some sky to go with them!
The new fabric brightened up the place on this rainy yucky day!


Willie made this quilt recently. Very colorful!
Here's the back. Willie always does pieced backs. It's more interesting than a plain back and uses up a lot of fabric left over from the front.
Here's some fun kitchen accessories she made!
She made this quilt for a new baby boy. This is the back of the quilt.
Here's the front. It's got everything in it-whales, trucks, cars, firetrucks, dots, etc. The baby is going to have a lot of fun looking at all the fun things and colors!