Saturday, July 31, 2010


Sarah Jagger made this quilt using Heather Ross's Far Far Away fabric.
Here's the back. Cozy fabric with a bit of color!
She is finishing this one up for a baby girl named Violet. Perfect!
Alyce made this Teddy Bear quilt. How cute is this? It's interactive. You can count bears and find the color bear and have a great time!
Trixie Burke made this quilt for her 9th grandchild, Hazel, who lives in LA. She has now made a quilt for each grandchild as well as having made them for her children.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Abigail and Lilly

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Abigail (on the right) and Lilly (on the left) when they came into the store to shop. They are both excellent sewers and showed us their new purses that they had made last night and finished up this morning! They used the Tulip Purse pattern and said it wasn't hard to do. There's even a couple of pockets inside the purses. Abigail is 11 and Lilly is 8 years old.
They were interested in making yo yos today and decided to make a Yo Yo Dog. This is the one I made a while back for a new baby boy with two dachshunds.
I made it to give him along with this dachshund quilt.
Here's my favorite yo yo project ever! Willie's dress form that she covered with yo yos.
On the right side of this blog is a link to click to see decorated sewing boxes that were made and displayed at the store. A few of them have yo yos on them.
Have fun and enjoy your yo yo makers!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More Bags

Look at this! Doris Bryan used the pattern from Aunties Too and made this bag in a class with Willie. She entered it in the Fair and look at the ribbons she received! A First Place and Best in Show!
She also entered this bag, also made in a class with Willie, and received a First Place in this category! Way to go Doris! Way to go Willie!
Judy Bomar brought in two bags to show us! She has been busy having fun making these bags!
Here's the other one! She was in to pick out fabric for another one.
Her friend, Sharon Shafrar, had this funky bag that she didn't make but we loved it anyway!
Helen McCauliff was using this bag that she made with Asian inspired fabrics when she stopped by today.
We do get to see quite a variety of bags every day!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Margot Driscoll made this quilt. She named it "Compost". I love how wonky the blocks are!
Here's a closer look at part of it!
Debbie Zeida made this wallhanging. It's another sample for the Jo Morton Club.
These necklaces were made by Robynne Thomas. Click to see them better. There's a nice mixture of stones and charms. She has them for sale at the Black Crow Gallery on Rt. 6A and also at Homework on Tupper Rd. in Sandwich.

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Did you know there were kangaroos at the Barnstable County Fair this year? That was different. You don't often see them on Cape Cod. I took this picture. Doesn't it kindof look fake?
The thing that I thought was interesting was that they had baby kangaroos hanging out in fabric pockets. There were a couple of different styles. I can just picture them needing a place to put a baby kangaroo one time and a quilter being around and offering up her bag. Then her offering to make more for all the baby kangaroos.
A lot of purses come into the the store that are made by quilters. A few have had dogs in them, and one time a baby skunk. Never a kangaroo. Thank goodness!

Shirley Ladetto made this purse, perfect for Cape Cod in the Summer! It has a pocket on the outside and some on the inside.
Another Cape Cod in the Summer bag is this one, made by Cheryl.
This one was made by Doris Bryan, with a bright floral that says SUMMER!
I hope your Summer is going great!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Katherine Butterworth made this house quilt using Kaffe fabrics. She created what looks like a very nice neighborhood!
She also made this quilt using a variety of 30's style green fabrics. It's very Springy and fresh looking!
Carol Tuttle from Connecticut was in the store and showed us her purple sampler quilt. Sampler quilts have come a long way, haven't they?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thursday morning Studio Club

There's a group of women who come to the store every Thursday morning that we call "Studio Club". It started out as an applique class taught by Sue Campbell and they kept coming and coming and eventually evolved into a "we're game for almost anything" group. On any given Thursday morning you can stop by and see quilting, applique, beading, knitting, paper making, etc. It's always an adventure!
This month the Thursday girls have a variety of their projects on display at the store. You really should stop in to see it.
The blue quilt is made by Mary Ann Hamshire.
Mickie Heath made this braided quilt.
The batik quilt belongs to Barbara Rogers. Sue made the three shawls on display.
Charlotte Toia made the wallhanging done in blues. It has shells quilted on it. The "Moons Over Bali" quilt was made by Paula Tuano.
Let's see, scarfs by Sue, floral bag by Debbie MacKenzie, the felted bag with the grapes on it was made by Paula, the big blue/green felted bag was made by MaryAnn.
The toille bag is Debbie's, the beige purse is Tina Lowman's. The knitted shawl with the antique glass flower beads was made by Eeda Jill Belkin. She also made the alligator scarf.
The two wallhangings on the top in this picture were made by Vi Olsen. The one on the left depicts Sandwich Village. The other one is Gerri and Floyd's Homestead. The scene on the bottom was done by Sue. Sue has made a pattern, that is available at Tumbleweed, that you can use to make a village wallhanging and make it your village. It's cool that they all come out a little different.
Next we have knitted socks by Nancy Vincent. She had never knitted before hanging out with these ladies. Paula made the "Road to Mt. Fuji" wallhanging.
We have placemats and tablerunners by Micki and Debbie.
Jewelry by Vi and Paula. There's also a couple of books made with the results of the papermaking classes.
Here's a closer look at Eeda's shawl. I think maybe Paula knitted the necklace.
Here's the back view of the three shawls on display. The backs are cool! I love the knitted fringe on the blue one.
I think that covers it! There's a lot of things on display. I hope you can get in to see them!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Laurie LaConte will be at the store on Thursday, July 22, from 1 to 2:30 to pick up and drop off quilts. She also is happy to answer any questions about her long arm machine quilting that you might have.

Carol Schofield brought in a couple of quilts to show us. This is the morning glory quilt she made in blue and yellow. The colors are very bold and vibrant! Beautiful!
Carol has made three Japanese fabric quilts. This one she made for herself and one each for her daughter and granddaughter.
Here's a closer look. I love the yellow volkswagon in there!
Aimee Cook tried to get this Uncle Sam wallhanging done by the fourth of July this year. It was close, but will definitely be done for next year's celebration!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Barnstable County Fair

Over the weekend I went to the Barnstable County Fair.
They always have a lot of quilts on display! It's fun to look at all the different types of quilting
There's quite a variety, and ribbons awarded in each different category.
Big quilts, small quilts, appliqued by hand, appliqued by machine, hand quilted, machine quilted, quilted pillows, quilted clothing, and on and on!
The silver bowl is really cool to win! The stitching on this year's winning quilt was awesome!
Look at the rest of the pictures and enjoy!

Get yourself to the Fair if you can. Enjoy the quilts but don't forget to have some cotton candy and a candied apple or some fried dough with powdered sugar on it or funnel cake or kettle corn or ice cream or fresh squeezed lemonade and on and on and on!!!