Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Mood

Hello Debbie! This picture is for you! I did see Jo Morton at her booth and took this picture. I couldn't take any pictures of the actual contents of the booth. Not allowed. You'd like everything in it though, and all shall be revealed soon!

Here's Sue Oats in her jacket for the festive Halloween season! She just bought the fabric the other day and came in to the shop Thursday with it completed!
Look at her spider earrings and the fringe trim on the the jacket edges. Nice touch!

Back here in Houston, this is a very nice witch!

Some booths had nice Halloween touches, like this big spider in front of the owl quilt.

There was even some Halloween cupcakes!
I hope your Halloween is fun!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Quilt Market

Hello from Houston!! Today was the first day of Quilt Market and I am over stimulated and exhausted, which is actually quite normal for any day of Market.
Take a look at the Michael Miller booth! Sparkly girls!
I love sparkly girls! I love sparkly anything!

Isn't this girl cute? I have a crown just like her's. I also have shoes like her's, too, but mine are red. I have black ones too, come to think about it.

This poor wallflower has to wear drapes! It's curtains for her, poor girl.

Don't they all make you see Fairy Frost fabric in a new light?

This poor gyspy has lost her head!

I do like her gypsy house. It's very cheerful.

Lots more to come!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hoffman Challenge Quilts

We have the Hoffman Challenge Quilts Group E hanging at the shop for a week.
They are really nice!
As usual, there's quite a variety!
Lots of different techniques and embellishments.
I love this chair! The dog is cute, too.

Like I said, only for a week. I hope you all can get in to see them!


Melissa Averinos came by recently to show us her new line of fabric called SWOON!
It's not available yet, we have to wait a couple of months.
She's off to Quilt Market where it will be available to order from Andover Fabrics.
Of course, we'll be carrying the entire line!
Check out more about Melissa and her Yummy Goods Shop on Rt. 149 here.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Quilts by Kathleen Andreoli

Kathleen Andreoli brought in two wonderful quilts to show us! This one is a Hawaiian applique type quilt called "Snowflake Memories" she made for her brother and his wife's 25th wedding anniversary.
Every other block has something to do with their life!
Awesome, isn't it?
Take another look at it! It is all hand appliqued and hand quilted! Only the binding is done by machine!
This quilt is a group quilt called "Dragons of Fire" and is from a Japanese puzzle pattern.
Thank you for sharing!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


OH MY GOD!!! Check this out!! This is the most organized fabric stash I have ever seen! I didn't think this level of organization was possible! See for yourself!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shirley Fisher

Shirley Fisher, from Middletown, RI. was on the Cape to attend a quilter's weekend and stopped by to shop and graciously showed us some of her quilts. This one is actually the first quilt she made and she's in the process of hand quilting it for her son.
This lighthouse wallhanging was made to enter a Keepsake Challenge called "Fiction Comes to Life". "The Threadbare Heart", by Jenny Nash, was the inspiration. She was rewarded a runner up prize for it!
This one is her "Foxgloves in My Garden" quilt. It has lots of thread painting on it.
"What Do You Think, Jinny Beyer?" is the title of this one! It took awhile to make. She started it in 1995 and is hand appliqued and hand quilted.
She entered it in a show and received a ribbon for it!
Thank you for sharing these with us!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Jeanne Hogman made this scrappy bargello quilt.
This quilt was made by Nicole Baguley, and it's only her second quilt! It's from an Alex Anderson pattern called "Hopscotch in Neutrals."
Janet Vaughn visited again! She had a couple of quilts to show us. She made this one after a trip to Paducah with friends. They challenged each other to make a "Sylvia's Bridal Quilt". Janet enlarged the blocks and made this one.
Here's her other one. I love scrappy quilts!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


In Wednesday's class with Debbie, everyone decided to make the 15 Minute Tablerunner that Lynn Conroy had previously showed them. It was a success! Even Barbara completed one!!
Evie choose Christmas theme fabric to make her's.
Debbie made the top one with Jo Morton fabric. The lower one is one that Lynn made and has an embroidered rose in the middle.
The top one was made by Debbie and has machine embroidery in the center. The one on the bottom is Lynn's.
Kathy made the one on the left, and Patty made the one on the right.
Ann Marie made the one on the left, and Toni the one on the right.
Here's Nicole holding up two that she made!
Susan made her's extra long!
In this picture, Barbara's is on the left, Gail made the center one, and Evie's is on the right!
And a good time was had by all!