Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Quilts By Ellie Held

This month we are featuring quilts made by Ellie Held on our design walls!

There's still time to come in and see them!

Most of them are hand quilted by Ellie!

Lots of hand quilting!

Ellie has been playing with old linens that she is rescuing  and mounting on a fabric and hand quilting!

Here's another of her old linen pieces!

Isn't this cool!  This doily looks great on this background!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Lots and Lots of New Fabric!

A lot of new fabric has been arriving in the last couple of weeks! Here's a sampling of new arrivals!

Sphere from Moda is one of my favorites! I love the color of this, beautiful blues!  Willie loved it too and immediately took it home and made a sphere with it!!  It's actually a round baby quilt with soft minkee in the center and on the back!  

Ansonia by Denyse Schmidt has arrived!

There's lots of colors, patterns, and textures to mix and make wonderful quilts out of!

I am always drawn to the pinks and bright greens!

From Marcus we have Subtle Skies!  Soft blues with creamy yellow!  Picture it with a wicker chair for a cottage look!

Lumina from Robert Kaufman is very elegant and intense!  

Hearty Good Wishes from Moda is here!  It's very Nantucket / Cape Cod!!  A classic nautical line with whales, perfect for Cape Cod!

Janet Clare was nice enough to publish a book with lots of ideas for things to make using her fabric!! It's great!! 

Michael Miller sent us some Midnight Gems,

some baby elephants, 

and some other necessary fabrics!! 

Come in and see - there's more in the shop!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A few storms ago these women were down on the Cape visiting from Needham!  A couple were down for the day and the rest had come for a couple of days on a "Snowstorm Escape" mission!
Pictured are Sally, Lynn, Anne, Elizabeth, (holding her quilt), Elaine, and Ellen!

Here's Ellen holding her quilt!  Elizabeth and Ellen have been playing with the same pattern.  It's fun to see how different they look!

This is another look at Ellen's quilt with Lynn helping to hold it up!

Willie Fiedler, Kellie Parham, and Suzanne Adler attended a class taught by Charlotte Angotti and were given kits to work with and here is the result!  They all put there own touch to them!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowing Again!!

It's snowing again!! Will it ever end!!  We will be closing early today because it is going to keep snowing steady, so call before you venture out!  Hopefully the storm will keep the predicted schedule and be done by opening tomorrow!

Meanwhile, have a nice cup of tea or cocoa and be cozy while you quilt!  

Dream of Spring!  Shirley Vorortherms will be ready with this floral tablecloth she made!  

Marti Szatkowski is giving this quilt to her daughter's boyfriend!  He is a chimney sweep!  She really made it personal, with various mustaches, top hat, a brush, and a pieced block called the chimney sweep block!  

She also made this scrappy quilt!

Karen Carafoli was here for Adele's Harliquin Pillow Class and made this pillow for her granddaughter, Anna!  She likes purple,

but has recently added zebra stripes to her walls so this double sided pillow is perfect for her!

Sue Latis showed us her completed food quilt that she is ready to give as a gift!  It makes me hungry to look at it!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

We love seeing our hearts outside the window!  This one was all set for Valentine's Day with an icicle that appeared to be going through it like an arrow!  

The icicle on this one is huge!

Joann G. made this Lone Star quilt top that she is now appliquéing birds onto.  The colors are beautiful!

Katherine Butterworth showed us her baby quilt she made using Kaffe Fassett dots!

She used other Kaffe scraps for this log cabin quilt!

Elsa is trying to get her stash smaller!  She made this scrappy quilt with lots of bright colors!  She still has a lot of stash fabric to go!