Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Willie's Friday Open Sew people had a great Christmas party last week! Head gear was worn, Christmas sweaters were plentiful,
food was abundant, and a Good Time Was Had By All!
Mary Ann Karpinski came in today and showed us what she has been working on! First was this bright Dresden Plate quilt that I absolutely love!
Next was another Dresden Plate quilt made with 30's fabric.
Last but definitely not least was this gorgeous appliqué quilt! She's been busy.
I am working on the class schedule and will be done by Monday. I promise! Sorry it is so late.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Nativity Artistry

The Sandwich Glass Museum has an exhibit of Creches from around the World going on that is there through December 30th. If you haven't been to see it, you still have time!
This creche is not there. Actually it's one of mine, but it's a patchwork one so I thought you'd enjoy seeing it.
The exhibit has a lot of different materials used in the making of them.
There was a couple of felted ones.
This Amish one has a quilt designs used in it.
Lots of different bright colored fabrics were used.

This is a Nativity Scene made from frogs. You don't see that everyday!
I've always liked the tin ones from Mexico.
This was a "Cape Cod" Nativity scene, made by a man from Chatham.
There was a lot more to see, so go if you can!

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope your Christmas has been MERRY! I have photos of things that some people made to give for gifts this year. Some people said not to show them until Christmas. Some didn't but I couldn't remember which was which.

First we have Shirley's quilt that she made with a little help from Carol Ayotte. She made this beautiful photo quilt for her daughter.
It really is a family tree type history quilt. Very much a family heirloom!
Janet Vaughn was around for a couple of days and stopped by. We do miss her! She does like where she lives in New Hampshire now. She made this tabletopper for her daughter after checking with her boyfriend for the kitchen colors currently in her kitchen. With potholders to match.
Then she discovered that the kitchen colors were really blue tones.
Luckily she had time to make a blue set for her!
She also showed us this tee shirt quilt she made for her husband with his runner's tee shirts. Apparently he's been waiting a number of years for this and will be very surprised!
Willie made bags for all of her girls! with matching key fobs and little bags for the inside.
You can see the key fobs and little bags better in this photo. Lucky girls!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute?

Here are the owls that Keara and Mallory made. This picture was supposed to be further down but got out of order. They're cute, aren't they? They are made using a styrofoam ball.

Is everyone working like an elf to finish things? I started this quilt for me niece for her dorm room bed back in September. You know, make it really quick for her to have right away. That didn't happen. This picture was taken on Thanksgiving day while I was preparing it for me to machine quilt.
It's finally finished for Christmas! I finished sewing the binding and it's done.
Yesterday my nieces decided to make something for my daughter for Christmas. She likes owls this year so Keara found one she wanted to make online here. I don't think they ever used a glue gun before but they did great! This is Mallory making her owl.
Here is Keara with her's.
These are cupcakes that Mallory made yesterday and frosted with her new pastry pump out the frosting thing. They were carrot cake cupcakes from scratch and were really good!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Almost Christmas

Tumbleweed will be closed on December 25 and December 26 for Christmas. We will be closing early on December 24th.
There is still time to come send someone in for a gift. Gift certificates are always good!
There is still time to make a quick gift for someone on your list! Nicole made this giant tablerunner for her Mother!
We have a good selection of sequins in case you need some sparkle for Christmas! And who doesn't need sparkle!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Obsessive Tendencies?

This time of year for some reason I tend to get sidetracked by projects for no other reason than to keep me from doing a lot of the things I really should be doing. Not on purpose, of course, it just happens! These crocheted ornaments were made a year ago after I saw them on the Attic24 blog. I made them after Christmas and got as far as just needing to put beads and balls on them before I lost interest. They'll be done some year soon!
This is the current crop of owls so far this year. I don't need owls, I'm not making them to give away, I just feel like making them. For no reason. Here is Jessica's blog where I got the owl pattern.
These are some of last year's owls. There were more that left at various times of the year. My daughter likes owls and took most of these owls for her owl theme Christmas tree this year. There are some on my Christmas trees, too.
I had started to make different felt ornaments, but the owls were the ones that caught on. I made one cat head, one house, one tree, and I liked them and enjoyed making them. I probably made a dozen birds, but that was not even close to the number of owls.

I felt the need to make these birds one winter when we had the bird making event at the store.
Years ago I felt the need to make snowmen. Lots of snowmen! I think everyone I know has snowmen from that year.
I have about 20 left for my trees.

I also made bigger snowmen that year. I donated a bunch with ice skates to the craft table at the Skate Club Christmas Show. I made a lot of ice skates without snowmen to sell then, too.

I don't know what I was doing when I left the glue in this condition to dry like this.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Quilts by Louise Toler

This month we have quilts made by Louise Toler on display!
They are beautiful!
While you are out running errands for all the Christmas preparations you have going on, stop by to see the quilts and take a minute for yourself!
You will be glad you did.
See you soon!