Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! Carol Ayotte is leading her class in a Halloween celebration!!  She is dressed in her Halloween finest, as usual!!
Gail Fitzgerald has finished her Halloween tablerunner well before Halloween!!

JoAnne made a tabletopper to brighten up her candy table!!
The Hallmark Christmas movies have started!!  It's kind of strange to sit in my room decorated for Halloween and watch Christmas movies with a lot of the commercials for Halloween being shown!!  Christmas season is starting earlier and earlier every year!! 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quilts by Darby Photos

There's a lot going on in our country lately.  It seems like almost daily there is some sort of tragedy, like wildfires, flooding,  and school shootings, to name a few.  Since women began quilting, some have used their stitching to express their feelings or document events and that is what Darby Photos does with her quilts!  
Some of Darby's quilts are on display this month that she was compelled to make in response to different events, be it caused by nature, 

or senseless violence in schools.  

Darby has done a series of quilts after school shootings.  This one shows the Red Lake High School.

Columbine High School.

Sandy Hook Elementary.

Virginia Tech.

This wildfire wallhanging wasn't made last night in response to the California wine country fires, unfortunately it was a previous one.  The fires keep coming.  

This one could be any of the currant neighborhoods hit by hurricane flooding or one from the past, unfortunately they keep happening too.

I'm hoping that Darby is going to run out of subjects for her quilts.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Open Columbus Day!

We are open Monday, October 9th, as usual from 10 to 5:30!
Happy Columbus Day!!