Monday, July 24, 2017

Gypsy Wife Quilts!!!!

This month we have had "Gyspy Wife" quilts hanging in our display area!!

They were made in a class with Willie using the pattern by Jen Kingwell!

Jan Gunzelman made this won, shown above on the quilt rack!

Lynn Conroy stopped in to show us her quilt when she got it back from Celine Spader, who had machine quilted it for her!

Here's a look at the back and close up views of some of the quilting!

They will be hanging until the end of this month, stop in soon to see them!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hickory Nut Hexagons!!

Mary Ann Karpinsky showed us her hexagon quilt she made using Hickory Hill's Hickory Nut templates!!  We immediately realized we needed some Hickory Nuts in the shop!!

Hickory Nuts are templates you use a back piece, a piece of batting, and a top piece to make individual finished hexagons that you use as mug rugs or sew to other hexagons to make bigger things! It is a quilt-as-you-go process that you can take and do anywhere!!  
Here's a photo of a couple of the templates and some that Nancy Harmon is working on.  The back comes around to the front and frames your front piece!  She uses the little Clover clips to hold it for easier sewing!  

Kathryn Butterworth is busy making her's out of Kaffe Fassett fabrics!

Try it!  You'll like it!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Quilt Exhibit at Highfield Hall

There is a lot going on at Highfield Hall in Falmouth this summer!!  There are a few exhibits that are wonderful to look at!  

One of the exhibits is called "Once Upon a Quilt: 3D Quilts by Dominique Ehrmann" and is there until September 4th.  Dominique is known for making 3D quilts like this big pinwheel that spins with the wind outside Highfield Hall!  

Here's a more traditional quilt by Dominique!

This pinwheel inside the building has a lever that you can turn to make the pinwheel spin!!

This is one of her dimensional quilts.  Click on the picture to see the detail! 

Just to give you an idea of what you'll see, this picture shows a bed size quilt that has four sides to it to make it like a box.  The box becomes a frame so when you are in front of it...

this is what you see!!  The size and dimension makes it look like a stage!!  Its hard to explain, go see it!!

Here's another of Dominique's wallhangings!

Another exhibit currently on view until September 6th is Interwoven: Art Meets Nature.  It has a variety of different types of fiber art including weaving, felting, tapestry, needlework, basketry, silk painting, and book arts.  
These three wallhangings were made by Sharon McCartney!  Click to take a closer look, there is a lot of embroidery on them!!  The one on the right has a bird nest that is made of french knots and the bottom left one has little stones held on with stitches!!

I loved this one!! It is a basket with a surprise inside!!

 Click to see a larger picture!! There are pincushions inside!!  I love it!!

Ashley Blalock made huge crochet pieces that are displayed over the piano in the grand staircase area!!

Niraja Lorenz made this wallhanging!

 Liz Alpert Fay works with wool and made this tree skirt!

Elin Noble has a series of wallhangings for you to see!!

Here's a closer look at one!

The gardens and wooden walkways are beautiful enough by themselves to warrant a visit to Highfield Hall!!

Scattered around the mansion and outdoors is another exhibit - "Storybook Fairy Houses of Highfield Hall and Gardens."  There are 25 fairy houses in all, each labeled with a number corresponding to a list you are given with the artists names and location of the house!  This one is by Sally Mavor!  It has a lace glove for a door, a wisk you can see in the back left, and also a grater!!

Along one of the pathways I almost missed this one!!  It blends into the background but has sparkly diamond like crystals on it that catch the light and then you notice it!!!  I love the ladder for the fairies to use to get to it!!

Another surprise in the wooded area was Fragment House by Danielle Kremer.  So cool!!!
So, there is lots more to see, Wen Redmond and Nancy Crasco and lots of others have pieces there!
Don't miss it!  It's a nice place to spend some time!!
For more information go here

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Catch Up!!

I am playing catch up with my pictures and here are some of the ones I found!

First a handbag made by Nancy Blumberg!  She was lucky enough to get some of the sea glass fabric before it was gone!

Barbara McCloud made this one!  This palette would work great for a special guy in your life!

Joanne finished her Dresden Plate quilt!  She hand quilted it!!

Diana Anderson brought in her quilt top to show us! She did the Lone Star center about 20 years ago and then in February of 2016 started and finished the log cabin part in keeping with Bayberry's theme for their 2016! Sometimes it just takes some inspiration and a deadline to get you moving on something!!

Mary Ann Harward showed us her Grandmother"s Flower Garden quilt she is finishing up!!

 Debbie McCabe brought in her watercolor quilt to show us!!  Click on the picture to make it bigger for a closer look!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Closed Tuesday!

Tumbleweed will be closed on Tuesday, July 4 to celebrate the 4th of July holiday!!
We are open today (Sunday) from 12 to 5 and will be open Monday 10 to 5:30.