Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Halloween Quilts

Halloween is coming! I love Halloween!!
Anne Lovendale loves Halloween!! We were lucky enough this year to have Anne's Halloween quilts hanging in the shop for the month of September.
She'll need them back of course for October, as her house turns into a Halloween Fantasyland during that month.
The cat quilt and the candy corn are my favorites this week.
I really like the monster lab party and the pumpkins and gourds too.
I've always liked witches though.

They're all great!
You have until the end of the month to see them in person.
There's still time to make Halloween pillowcases for your little goblins!
Did you notice all the "Followers" are gone from the side of my blog? Apparently the site people did something with a "widgit" and changed the "Followers" format or something I really don't need to understand because I'll have my computer guy figure it out for me. It's weird to go on my blog and see my people missing. I miss them!