Thursday, July 29, 2010

Abigail and Lilly

Today we had the pleasure of talking to Abigail (on the right) and Lilly (on the left) when they came into the store to shop. They are both excellent sewers and showed us their new purses that they had made last night and finished up this morning! They used the Tulip Purse pattern and said it wasn't hard to do. There's even a couple of pockets inside the purses. Abigail is 11 and Lilly is 8 years old.
They were interested in making yo yos today and decided to make a Yo Yo Dog. This is the one I made a while back for a new baby boy with two dachshunds.
I made it to give him along with this dachshund quilt.
Here's my favorite yo yo project ever! Willie's dress form that she covered with yo yos.
On the right side of this blog is a link to click to see decorated sewing boxes that were made and displayed at the store. A few of them have yo yos on them.
Have fun and enjoy your yo yo makers!