Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We are closed today because of the snow/rain/high wind thing going on outside. It's a good day to stay indoors and quilt! Tomorrow we'll be open.
I thought I'd show you a bunch of handmade ornaments I've accumulated over the years. The balsa wood sled pictured above was a Brownie project one year. I made a lot of the snowmen one time. This Santa is fun and easy to make.
The cross stitch snowflake is from the 70's. I did a lot of cross stitch back then. The candy canes were when my kids were preschool age. Really easy, just stacking beads on a pipe cleaner.
We made massive quantities of the skater girl bead and pipe cleaner ornament. We sold them at the Skating Club Christmas Show frequently.
My son Joel wore these sneakers as an infant. I have a picture of him wearing them. (Not handmade.)
Here's a painted balsa wood robot. Made by Joel.
Here's a festive lime green rocking horse I cross stitched in 1982. I still like lime green. The kids painted white satin ornaments with puffy paints one year.
My Grandma crocheted this stocking.
Keri made the pottery snowman in high school pottery class. I made the felt stocking in the 70's.
This ornament was given to me.
We still hang the paper ornaments made in school.
These are Keri's shoes from when she was little. A little dusty.
Hand knit mittens wore by Joel.
Another snowman and beaded candy cane.
Debbie Zeida made this one for me.
We made a ton of these skate ornaments during the skating years, too.
We also made the hockey skate version. I don't know how or why Odie with an Easter egg started to hang on the Christmas tree, but he's there every year.
These are just some of the ornaments we've made. It's fun to look at them every year, sometimes wondering what we were thinking!