Sunday, April 6, 2014

"Aunt Mary's Workroom"

Mary Wyman makes wonderful dolls and miniature scenes and one of them is on display at Tumbleweed this month!  

The detail is amazing!  Click the pictures to see!!  This scene is called "Aunt Mary's Workroom" and you have got to see it!  Aunt Mary is wearing a necklace and has on a bracelet!  She is sitting in her workroom reading a quilt book.

She has fabric stored under her cutting table and there is a rotary cutter, scissors, and pins on the table  ready to be used!

Check it out!  There is a kitten!  The ott light is plugged in!  

It would have been much easier to have a closed sewing basket but this one is open and full of supplies!

Mary Wyman also sells her dolls and does custom orders too!