Monday, June 29, 2015

This Month On Display

We have two quilts belonging to Laurie Shifrin on display at the store!

Laurie is a pattern designer and this one is called "Starfire".

This one is called "Secret Sancturay".

These three quilts belong to (from left) Willie Fiedler, Kellie Parham, and Suzanne Adler.  A few years ago they attended a class given by Charlotte Angotti at the Machine Quilting Expo and these are the result of that class!  Each student was given the same kit to make the blocks for the quilt and they added their own fabric choices for the borders.

Willie made her quilt larger than the other two by setting her blocks on point!

Kellie used a dark brown fabric for her outer border!

Suzanne added a medium brown border!
Its always fun to see the different direction people take with the same blocks!