Monday, March 28, 2016


I was at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston last week to see a few exhibitions.  One was clothes designed exploring using technology in fashion!  It was really cool!!  There were dresses that use robotics to make them move, digitally-printed dresses and fabrics,  innovative recycled materials used to make clothes, and lots of other things!!
This dress is laser-cut metallic leather with Swarovski crystals under it!!

Wearable art??  This interesting dress was part of a show that was projected onto the wall behind the dress where the models come out wearing a dress similar to this and two gentlemen lift it off the model (she is wearing something underneath) and artfully place it on the wall for viewing!  

I loved this one!! Those are dressmakers pins sticking out of it that are connected to electronically activated sensors that react to the sound of voices nearby causing them to move in waves!!

This folded square opens up to become a dress!  

I think if you click this to make it larger you can read about the outfit below it!  It describes a process of recycling to make fabric that is less wasteful to the environment.  It was a collaboration between a company called G-Star Raw and Pharrell Williams.  

These samples pictured below are laser-worked to show some of the varieties possible for cloth without "the wasteful chemicals employed in traditional dyeing and finishing techniques"!  

It was interesting to see some of the things going on with research and projects for fabric of the future!  Who knows what we might be using to make quilts years from now?