Sunday, December 25, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope your Christmas has been MERRY! I have photos of things that some people made to give for gifts this year. Some people said not to show them until Christmas. Some didn't but I couldn't remember which was which.

First we have Shirley's quilt that she made with a little help from Carol Ayotte. She made this beautiful photo quilt for her daughter.
It really is a family tree type history quilt. Very much a family heirloom!
Janet Vaughn was around for a couple of days and stopped by. We do miss her! She does like where she lives in New Hampshire now. She made this tabletopper for her daughter after checking with her boyfriend for the kitchen colors currently in her kitchen. With potholders to match.
Then she discovered that the kitchen colors were really blue tones.
Luckily she had time to make a blue set for her!
She also showed us this tee shirt quilt she made for her husband with his runner's tee shirts. Apparently he's been waiting a number of years for this and will be very surprised!
Willie made bags for all of her girls! with matching key fobs and little bags for the inside.
You can see the key fobs and little bags better in this photo. Lucky girls!