Monday, December 26, 2011

Nativity Artistry

The Sandwich Glass Museum has an exhibit of Creches from around the World going on that is there through December 30th. If you haven't been to see it, you still have time!
This creche is not there. Actually it's one of mine, but it's a patchwork one so I thought you'd enjoy seeing it.
The exhibit has a lot of different materials used in the making of them.
There was a couple of felted ones.
This Amish one has a quilt designs used in it.
Lots of different bright colored fabrics were used.

This is a Nativity Scene made from frogs. You don't see that everyday!
I've always liked the tin ones from Mexico.
This was a "Cape Cod" Nativity scene, made by a man from Chatham.
There was a lot more to see, so go if you can!