Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Louie has done it again! We received the new Studios Magazine and were surprised to see me and Louie in it. It's the same picture they used in the previous issue with my studio in it.
They did an article called "Animal Attraction" featuring studio pets and Louie was included! I just happened to be in the picture with Louie. She's a good cat to know. She does get around!
Remember this quilt that Betty Crowell helped make last year? It won first prize in Houston?
Well, they submitted another group quilt this year and it won third prize!! And there's an article in the current Quilters Newsletter Magazine about them. They're the Coastal Quilters and they've been meeting for years. They started making "slice" quilts. They take a picture and slice it into pieces and each person does a slice. They've done a few now and they are awesome!
The quilt that just won in Houston was from a picture of Fenway.
Congratulations Betty and the Coastal Quilters!!